Stacey, Creative Director

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris Cahill for more than 2 decades.  She has consistently been a incredible stylist.  Chris is super creative in all situations, highly flexible, and very detail- oriented.  Whether she is styling interiors, still lives, or fashion, Chris consistently brings creative solutions to her work.  During our many years working together, I've seen Chris maintain an upbeat and optimistic attitude regardless of the circumstances, from challenging locations to bad weather to long studio days. It is always a positive experience working with her.

Lisa, Homeowner 

Chris Cahill was a pleasure to work with throughout our recent first floor renovation which included our kitchen, family room, dining room, office and living room.  Her design work perfectly captured the look and feel we were trying to achieve.  She created comfortable, functional and beautiful spaces throughout our home.  We continue to receive compliments on our decor and we highly recommend Chris for your decorating and design needs.

Simon, Marketing Director

Chris is one of the most talented stylists I've had the pleasure of working with.  Not matter how big or how small,  Chris is always up to the challenge.  She has a great eye for detail and a wonderful ability to blend styles and budgets with ease.  She is a true joy to work with. 

Daniel, Photographer

Chris' attention to detail while styling a set is only matched by the calm and bonhomie she brings along. I've worked with her countless times, and she always is a welcomed presence and vital source of expertise. Her sense of style ties together a brand with a perfect mood.

My husband and I have known Chris our entire adult lives. Her flair for design and signature style has always inspired us. Chris has worked with us on various projects, from styling a new home for a magazine shoot, to leading top-to-bottom interior design on a renovation.  Her most recent project for us was the challenging overhaul of an 1880s church in a mountain lake community where our families vacation.  Chris helped us turn it from a dilapidated musty old building into a gorgeous entertaining space used for large family gatherings, weddings and community events.  It also serves as a living space while maintaining the unique character of the historic building and quaint town.  She worked with the cabinet designer to give each room it’s own personality, designed gorgeous tile baths, and assembled an amazing collection of light fixtures that flow seamlessly even though each is unique. My favorite thing about Chris’ eye for design is how she loves to incorporate things with natural patina to give spaces a lived-in feel.

Carole, Homeowner